Profile | RPC Pipe Systems
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Company Overview

RPC Pipe Systems is an Australian advanced manufacturing company that specialises in water surety solutions. We have been operating since 2007 as Australia’s exclusive manufacturing and support licence for Flowtite®, the worlds most advanced and respected continuous filament wound GRP pipe system, technology and brand.

Flowtite® GRP pipe and fittings are ideal for pipelines, water infrastructure, irrigation and environmental management applications, particularly where performance, strength and endurance are essential.

They offer superior corrosion resistance, durability, and hydraulic flow characteristics. Flowtite® also presents a more cost-effective upfront solution with lower installation, maintenance and operating costs, resulting in a very cost-efficient life cycle for the asset.

RPC Pipe Systems operates from state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in South Australia (Lonsdale) and employs 100 skilled staff at its Lonsdale plant in South Australia.

RPC Pipe Systems brings together the leading professionals in the GRP and piping market with the engineering and manufacturing expertise and experience to meet the most significant and/or complex of project demands.

  • RPC Pipe Systems is equipped with the most advanced GRP pipe technologies, capabilities and operational synergies available to deliver superior quality and outcomes to clients.
  • We also have the advantages of local manufacture, scale and influence across the supply chain to provide the flexibility, speed of delivery and responsive service support that importers are not able to match.

Since establishing the Lonsdale plant, we have produced in excess of:

  • 1,200km of Flowtite® GRP Pipe from DN300 to DN3000 in diameter
  • 50km of Flowtite® GRP Jacking Pipe