Flowtite® Jacking Pipe | RPC Pipe Systems
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Flowtite® Jacking Pipe

GRP Jacking Pipe

Leaders in Trenchless Technologies


Jacking pipe has revolutionised the installation of underground pipeline infrastructure, particularly in urban and sensitive landscapes where public disturbance and environmental demands are high.

Jacking pipe and micro-tunnelling present contemporary solutions for modern day pipeline infrastructure demands.

Flowtite® GRP Jacking Pipe takes the advantages of these trenchless technologies to a new level through the superior performance, economies and strength-to-weight properties of continuously wound GRP pipe.

Flowtite® GRP Jacking Pipes are designed and manufactured for the construction and renovation of underground pipelines using trenchless methods.

They are recognised for their high axial compressive strength and ring stiffness and provide significant advantages compared to other pipe materials.

Flowtite® GRP Jacking Pipes are supplied with a range of high performance coupling systems suitable for micro-tunnelling and pipe jacking.

The Flowtite® GRP Jacking Pipe product range consists of:

  • Standard jacking pipe
  • Jacking pipes with grout ports
  • Jacking pipes for intermediate jacking stations
  • Relining pipes
  • Specially tailored fittings